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Facing The Giants

The surprise hit movie of the season can now be a wonderful faith-building and outreach-oriented event for your church or school. Here are some great ideas for how your group can host a powerful FACING THE GIANTS Movie Event:

  • Church Event...let the movie touch the lives of people in your church and your community. A Movie Event is great for the entire church, or Sunday school
  • Schools...host a Movie Event not only for your students, but also for parents and local church leaders.
  • Coaches and Sports Ministries...inspire your team and others in your league.
  • Christian Business Leaders...use a Movie Event as a team-building opportunity onsite or off.

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Includes DVD & Site License

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Church Movie Poster

Download and print this movie poster to help promote your Church Event. Poster is 18"x24" and contains a space to enter the time/place for your event.

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Suggested Use

Host a church movie night that reaches beyond your core, equipping your members to invite friends and family who might not be willing to come to a traditional service. The Facing the Giants movie license is great for sports ministries or motivational business team development.

What Church Leaders Are Saying

"As a church of only 80 people, showing the Facing the Giants movie at our church was a testament that with God all things are possible. We spread the word of the movie word of mouth and invited our local high school and middle school football teams, but we were amazed at what God did when more than 275 packed into our sanctuary! On top of that, 6 young people that gave their life to the Lord that night." - Barry Bumgardner, Missionary Wesleyan Church, NC

"In a community of less than 5000, 230 people packed into our church to see the Facing the Giants movie. It was great as the crowd would cheer but even more incredible; at the end of the night 4 people gave their lives to Christ! " - Jim Ayers, Lake Almanor Community Church

"Because of our location in the mountains, winter months are our lowest attendance for normal services so to have 230 people show up for a "New Year's Eve-Facing the Giants Movie Night" was exciting. But what was more exciting were the 3 adults who gave their heart to Christ right after the movie." - Todd DuBord, Lake Almanor Community Church