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FIREPROOF touched the hearts and impacted the marriages of millions of moviegoers. Churches across the country purchased entire show times to help strengthen marriages in their congregations and to reach out to their communities. And those churches reported increased attendance in response!

That makes a FIREPROOF Movie Event a natural ministry tool to inspire and challenge the people of your church...and beyond.

$99.00: Standard Movie Event Kit

Includes DVD & Site License

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Church Movie Poster

Download and print this movie poster to help promote your Church Event. Poster is 18"x24" and contains a space to enter the time/place for your event.

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Suggested Use

Use a FIREPROOF movie license to host a church movie event and strengthen marriages in your church and community. Empower members to invite friends and family who might not attend a traditional service. Show this marriage movie at your church or at a local community center. FIREPROOF is ideal for family, marriage, and men's ministries in general, and for small groups in particular. Also great for business leaders to improve their employees' home lives.

What Church Leaders Are Saying

"We had our FIREPROOF movie night last night, and it was a very special evening! We invited the local Fire Departments to join us for the movie and we honored them at the beginning of the night. We had more than 30 firemen come! We also had many first time visitors to our church as a result of this outreach event. We are doing the small group Bible Study with our young couples' class and I am doing the Sermon Series to accompany the follow up. This is going to make a lasting impact on marriages in our church and in the community." - Rev. Stephen Cannon, Cedar Shoals Baptist Church

"We showed the FIREPROOF movie on New Year's eve here at The Ohio Valley Christian Center. What a powerfully annointed movie! Thank you so much! Hardly a dry eye in the house. We had about a dozen people receive Christ...170 in attendance...PTL!" - Pastor Michael Amico, Ohio

"Weekend attendance jumped 30% when we launched our FIREPROOF Your Marriage message series and did a six thousand piece postcard mailing to invite the community." - Canyon West Worship Center

"Just wanted to report that our FIREPROOF movie event was a great success!! So much so that we had an encore showing two weeks later. Our first showing on brought in 650+ people to the film and when we showed it again in two weeks, we had 250. We have a film ministry where we show a different faith-based film each month and our typical attendence is about 40-80, so this really was a huge boost for the ministry of reaching people for Christ through film." - Jim David, Ohio

"I wanted to let you know that we kicked off our FIREPROOF series last night. After the Impact Cards were mailed, our attendance increased dramatically over the last two weeks - 100% increase. For a new church plant in a small community, that's very dramatic and an incredible blessing to us!!!" - Pastor GW Dameron, Culpepper VA

"The chief thing FIREPROOF is doing for us is giving a talking point for marriage and families. It shows how hard marriage really is. It shows the struggle for marriages to be mended. It takes supernatural intervention. And it shows no marriage is beyond repair. FIREPROOF speaks volumes about Christ's power to change lives." - Bart Walker, Ball, LA

"We have had a great response to the FIREPROOF Movie. We held 2 showings, January 2nd and again on January 23rd. In order to get the word out about the movie, for 2 weeks prior to both showings we advertised on a local radio station and also worked with 2 local businesses to distribute tickets. In addition our church members distributed tickets all over the valley. On January 2, we had approximately 600 people for the 7 p.m. showing and 80 children in child care! At the 9:30 p.m. showing we had about 40 people. Following the movie, we gave a free copy of The Love Dare to every couple who attended. As a result of this movie, we incorporated a FIREPROOF Your Marriage study in two of our Sunday School classes, and both classes have had 6 new couples join us for the 6 week study. On January 23rd we had at least 800 people at the 7 p.m. showing and 100 children in child care! Then at the 9:30 p.m. showing we had about 150 people. " - Bob Meisel, Hemet CA