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"God has His plan ... you should know that better than anyone," Travis reminds Jimmy in RUST. RUST is a mystery of faith ... and a faith-based mystery. It makes for a great movie event at your church, where your congregation can invite friends to see a new movie from an actor they all know well. The film lends itself to great discussions of faith.

Because DVDs are not licensed for public group showings, you can order an official Movie Event site license for RUST. They can also provide the resources and materials you need to build interest and make a long-lasting impact!

$49.00: Standard Movie Event Kit

Includes DVD & Site License

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Suggested Use

Open important dialogue in your church and community among believers and nonbelievers. RUST raises honest questions about God's place in the midst of trials, doubt and pain, while portraying the importance of perseverance, forgiveness and faith. It also provides discussion starters around themes of truth, appearances, sacrifice and healing.Use RUST church-wide or in small groups. The movie appeals to adults, families and youth. Its interesting production backstory--half the rural farming town of Kipling, Saskatchewan was involved--makes it especially relevant to small communities, though residents of any sized metropolis will identify with its universal truths.