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The Lost and Found Family

Five guarded and confused foster children. Two loving, but weary, foster parents. One grieving former socialite. Put them all under one dilapidated roof and you get eight unique individuals in a house.

Or maybe, just maybe, it becomes the family they've all been longing for.

Following her husband's sudden death, Ester Hobbes must move to a piece of property her husband owned in rural Georgia—the rental home of Tony, Ramona, and their five foster children.


After an extremely rocky start, Ester begins to befriend the children and their foster parents. But when Ester's lawyer sells the house, these fragile alliances are shattered.

In dire straits, Ester cries out to God for help. But is there enough time to save the home?

Directed by Barnet Bain, the writer of the Jesus film, The Lost and Found Familyreminds us that God brings out our best when we show His compassion to those in desperate need of love.

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